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              • The Lol News Research Project combines content analysis and digital mapping to explore issues related to lol news. The project’s news poverty research examines lol coverage in nadian communities at a time when print and broadst outlets are sling back, consolidating or closing, and many online news sites are struggling to stay afloat. Project initiatives include The Lol News Map, a study of how lol media covered the 2015 federal election, and research on lol news reporting on disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Other research has examined the role of ethnic media in shaping newcomers’ sense of place and portrayals of diversity in ethnic newspapers published in the Greater Toronto Area. For more information, contact us.

              • The Lol News Map is a crowd-sourced tool that tracks what is happening to lol newspapers, broadst outlets and online news sites in communities across nada. It displays data going back to 2008, which marked the beginning of a deep recession and a turning point for many previously profitable lol news organizations. The map is a collaborative project undertaken by Professor April Lindgren, lead investigator for the Lol News Research Project at Ryerson University’s School of Journalism, and Associate Professor Jon Corbett, who leads the University of British Columbia’s SpICE Lab (Spatial Information for Community Mapping). A summary of the latest map data is available here.

              • Explore the geography of lol news reporting in Toronto and the subject matter of that coverage using interactive maps created by The Lol News Research Project. Map users n examine how often their neighbourhood or ward appears in the news and look at a bar graph that breaks down stories by topics such as police/crime, transit and edution. More generally, you n examine how the geographic patterns of news coverage vary by topic: The map showing the places mentioned in lol arts and entertainment stories and photos, for instance, looks different from the map of crime coverage. Click here or on the adjacent map to explore how the Toronto Star and the online news site OpenFile. covered lol news in Toronto.